About Us

Hi! Thanks for checking out Wombat Wash. We’re a small business run by a small, local family who wanted to bring cloth diapers to everyone, even those who didn’t want to wash their own diapers. Adding to this, we decided to start offering compostable diaper service.

We pride ourselves on offering diaper service at prices comparable to disposables because we don’t want cost to keep families away from using greener diapers.

Who is Wombat Wash?

Head Mucky Muck

Kendra, Head Mucky Muck

Head of R&D

Elliot, Head of R&D

Head Mucky Muck aka. Kendra

She handles the day-to-day of Wombat Wash everything from deliveries of diapers, washing diapers, updating the webpage and Facebook page, answering emails and phone calls, and helping families with their cloth questions.




Head of R&D (Rumps and Dumps) aka. Elliot

Elliot is driving the business to be as green as possible.  We hope to be carbon neutral within three years, and carbon negative in five.  To provide this, we are looking for a new location that will allow us to use some innovative technologies beyond High Efficiency machines.  We are looking into designing our own passive solar water heater, electricity generation and some other great ideas we know you’ll love!

Our product testers

Mongoose and Wombat, Heads of Marketing and Product Testing

Marketing/Product Testers aka Mongoose and Wombat

The two most important parts of Wombat Wash. Mongoose joined the Wombat family recently. He really like dry diapers, so he’s testing a lot of diapers. And, of course, our namesake, Wombat. She takes her job very seriously and inspects all the diapers (seriously, she demands to look at the diapers claiming that they all belong to her).



How did we get the name?

While Kendra was pregnant with Wombat, we called her Wombat because we didn’t know her gender until she “popped” out. Once we decided to start a diaper service, we needed a good name. We both love alliteration and Kendra wanted something fun, so we came up with Wombat Wash.